I started building Owlskip when I discovered that the decision Facebook has taken to remove the ability to edit link previews not only impacted legitimate marketing efforts, but it also impacted small and medium size marketing operations, that are usually carried out by small and medium size Facebook pages' owners.

Undeniably, fighting Fake news is a difficult battle to win but we can do better and Owlskip is committed to that.

Experience and research shows that Social Media followers will interact more with a good looking link post than with an Image post that features a link in its text. The Click Through Rate will significantly change to the better when you have a good looking link post with an optimized link preview

And that's why I'm building this. With Owlskip, you get the opportunity to control how a link shared on a Social Media platform will look like. Not only that, but you'll also (eventually) be able to run different optimization campaigns, trying different link preview settings for each link you share.

I'm saying eventually because we are not there yet. Owlskip is still an infant in terms of Product Growth, it's a new service and that means it's a great opportunity to give feedback, with your help and support, you could be shaping how Owlskip looks like in the next few years.

Right now, Owlskip's main focus is on building a lovable product, that solves a real problem, and solves it now. Creating custom link previews for your link will help potentially increase your engagement.
So try it out and give us feedback!

Some Technical details

For the techsavy out there and the curious keen souls, keep being awesome! Here are some details about the service.

  • Payment is handled securly using Stripe
  • The tech stack is Ruby on Rails, sprinkled with some Stimilus.js and lots of PostgreSQL goodies
  • I'm using Rails 5.2 in case you're super duper curious
  • Logo is the Owl by habione 404 from the Noun Project
  • The rest of the icons on the home page are by Smashicons, Trinh Ho & Vectors Market